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If Convicted of DUI will I have to get an Ignition Interlock Device installed on my car?

How do I get an Ignition Interlock Device

Georgia law requires that anyone convicted of a second or subsequent DUI within 5 years must install and utilize an ignition interlock device on any vehicle that they own.  O.C.G.A. §40-6-391(c).  A list of providers can be found at

How much will an Ignition Interlock Device cost?

Cost of installation varies but is typically around $65 to $200.  There is a monthly monitoring fee, which is typically around $75 a month for 6 months.  A removal fee of around $100 may be charged.  Total cost for six months is typically around $450 to $750.


How is the Interlock Device Installed?

Installation can be done on any car.  However, the vehicle must pass an electrical inspection.  The device also must be serviced for monthly maintenance and calibration every thirty days.


How does the Ignition Interlock work?

The device is installed by a trained technician.  When the key is placed in the ignition the car will not start until the device is used.  Typically, there is a loud beep and the driver blows into the device.  If the driver passes the test then the car starts.  As the car is moving, the device will ask for retests at designated intervals, typically, there is a time frame for the car to be stopped and moved to a safe location.  All tests are recorded by the device and downloaded at the monthly maintenance appointments.

Non-Georgia residents and Interlock Devices

Defendants who move out of state cannot satisfy the interlock requirement using an out of state interlock service provider.  DDS cannot issue an ignition interlock driving permit to a nonresident.

Posted on: 1 Aug, 2012          under: Criminal Law, DUI, Traffic Law

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