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Child Support and Health Insurance

At a time when health insurance premiums are on the rise I am often asked how health insurance affects child-support?  Health insurance will always be a factor in determining child support.  The parent who pays child support will get credit for that in making the child support calculation pursuant to the child support guidelines.

The usual way this is calculated is as follows.  You take the total amount of the insurance premium and divide it by the number of persons covered by the insurance policy and then multiply the resulting amount by the number of children covered by the insurance policy.  For example, through a employment -related insurance plan, a parent provides medical insurance covers the parent, one child who is the subject of the child support case and two other children.  The parent pays a total of $170 for the family option that provides coverage for the employee in any number of dependents.  To calculate the amount attributable to the child, divide the four persons covered into $170, which would equal $42.50.  The resulting $42.50 is added to the basic child support obligation as a health insurance cost for one child for whom support is being calculated.  Usually unless otherwise agreed uninsured health expenses are divided equally between the parties.

With that being said, child support calculations can be very tricky.  Many people think that it is as simple as putting in both parties income into a child support calculator.  However, depending on the case and the financial situation of the parties child support calculations can be extremely complicated and the above example is not always how health insurance will be used to determine the child support obligation.

You should always contact an attorney for advice before agreeing to any child support amount.  Also remember child support is for the child and not for you so you want to ensure that if your receiving child support that you get a fair amount for the child.  If you’re paying child support you want to make sure that your paying a reasonable and fair amount pursuant to law.

Posted on: 2 Feb, 2018          under: Family Law

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