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New State Court in Catoosa County.

There is a new “State Court” in Catoosa County.  This new court will be located in the Catoosa County courthouse in Ringgold Georgia.  The State Court will handle all misdemeanor criminal offenses in Catoosa County with the exception of cases heard in the Ringgold City Court and the Fort Oglethorpe City Court.  In other words, if you are arrested for a misdemeanor in Catoosa County your case will be heard in the new State Court unless you are arrested in the cities of Ringgold or Fort Oglethorpe in which case your case will most likely be heard in that City or Municipal Court.

Until this Summer when the State Court went into effect misdemeanor offenses in Catoosa County were divided up between the Probate, Superior and Magistrate Courts. Below is a link about the new Court.

Temporary Protective Orders (TPO)

Temporary Protective Orders

A TPO or Temporary Protective Order pursuant to the Family Violence Act is an Order a Judge can issue in cases where one person due to an act of domestic violence requests an order of protection.  However, not just anyone can request such an order.  Georgia law requires that there be a family relationship (as defined by statute) of some sort between the parties and an act of family violence must have occurred. Basically, it is an order telling one family member to stay away from another family member.  However, the definition of family member is defined in statute to include more than traditional families.

A Temporary Protective Order not only can order the offending party to stay away from you the Court can also award temporary custody of children, establish temporary child visitation, child support and order the offending party to receive psychiatric services.  A TPO can stay in effect for one year but can be extended upon notice to the other party after a hearing.

If you need an TPO contact an attorney.  However, if you are the victim of domestic violence and cannot hire an attorney resources are available to help you.  Contact your local Family Violence Center for help.  Here is a link to the local Family Crisis Center  However, remember if you are married a TPO is not a substitute for a Divorce.

If you have been served with a TPO do not contact in any form the person requesting the TPO Violation of a TPO can lead to criminal charges including the very serious felony “Aggravated Stalking”.  .  If you the TPO is unnecessary or based upon false accusations consult an attorney to represent you at the hearing.