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Which Court will hear my Divorce/Custody case?

If you have a family law case such as a divorce or custody modification which court will hear the case?  In Georgia, family law cases are heard in what is called the Superior Court.  Each county has its own Superior Court and the counties are linked together in what is called Judicial Circuits.  For example, I practice mostly in NorthWest Georgia in what is called the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit.  The Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit is made up of four counties Catoosa (Ringgold), Walker (Lafayette), Dade (Trenton) and Chattooga (Summerville). Each of those counties has a courthouse and its own Superior Court Clerk.  There are four Superior Court judges in the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit who are Judge Don Thompson, Judge Ralph Van Pelt, Judge Kristina Cook Graham and Judge Brian House.

If you file for divorce in Catoosa, Walker, Dade or Chattooga counties then you will file your divorce with the Superior Court Clerk of the County.  Your case will be heard by one of the four judges who serve the Judicial Circuit.

All cases which could be classified as family law cases are heard in the Superior Court.  These cases include Divorce, Child Custody, Legitimation, Adoption and Child Support.  There are some cases which involve families and custody of children which may be heard in other courts.  For example, Juvenile Courts hear cases that involve deprived or neglected children.  These cases usually begin as investigations made by the Department of Family and Children Services.  However, most cases which the average person would think of as family law cases will be heard in Superior Court.