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Center for Hope Program

Recently the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit with the encouragement of local law enforcement and the District Attorney’s Office began a “pretrial diversion” program.  This program is open to some first time felony drug offenders.  Basically, the program allows a defendant in a felony case to complete a drug rehabilitation program instead of going through the court system and if they successfully complete the program have their case dismissed. The main benefit of the program is that the Defendant who successfully completes the program can have their criminal record “expunged” or restricted and they will not be a convicted felon.

Overall such programs are a great idea and give people a second chance. However, a defendant should always consult an attorney before entering into any such agreement.  Such programs are not unique to this area and are being tried across the United States. While they are not for every Defendant such innovations in the “war on drugs” are welcomed and we hope successful.  Here is a link to the Center for Hope for information.  The Center for Hope

Posted on: 26 Feb, 2015          under: Criminal Law, General

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