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Evictions and Dispossessory Actions in Georgia

So, you are a landlord and your renter is not paying?  What do you do to evict them?  Before an eviction, a landlord must make a verbal or written demand for possession of the property.  The landlord should then file a petition in the Magistrate Court where the property is  located.  Every county has a Magistrate Court.

A small fee is required to file and serve the eviction or dispossessory action.  The local Sheriff’s Office will then serve the tenant with the eviction by either personal service or by tack and mail service.  Personal service is when the Sheriff actually places the eviction in the hands of the tenant.  Tack and Mail means the Sheriff merely places the petition on the tenant’s door and in the mail.  Tack and Mail service does not allow you to receive a monetary judgment (unless an answer is filed).

The tenant will then have seven days to file an answer.  Once an answer is filed the court will set a hearing date.  If the Court finds the tenant has not paid rent the tenant will then have seven days to pay and vacate the property.  If the tenant is still on the property after seven days, the landlord can then request a set out order.  If the Court issues a set order, the Sheriff will then coordinate with the landlord to execute the set out order (removing the tenant and belongings).  However, the landlord is responsible for actually removing the property.

Georgia law provides relatively easy and fast means to remove a non-paying tenant.  Therefore, there is no reason for a landlord to take the law in to his own hands.  Landlords should always obey the law to the letter and consult with an attorney if they have questions.

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